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Future: Time for Tech

Future: Time for Tech

Time for Tech provides fresh insight into people’s relationship with technology and looks at the highly-influential role that magazine media plays in consumers’ decisions to purchase tech.

In Brief

The technology purchase journey is complex, multichannel and fraught with obstacles including ‘purchase paralysis’ which can freeze consumers in their tracks.

Brands can seek to overcome this by tapping into the key need states driving people’s attachment to technology – and by putting solutions in place to overcome potential obstacles along the purchase journey.

Based on in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, Time for Tech covers five categories: smart home, audio visual and home entertainment, large home appliances, small home appliances and mobile communications.

It also looks at perceptions of key brands in each of these categories.

Key Findings

  • Technology now plays as big a role in making a statement about your home as furniture does

  • Three core technology needs are discovered: intuitive, integrated and internet of things

  • Research around new technology products mainly takes place online and 3 in 10 consumers now research and shop purely online. However too much information can create choice paralysis so consumers are looking for curated content

  • Consumers still value the strength of brands and this plays a key role in their decision making. It’s important to include brand building media solutions into campaign planning to influence purchase

  • Magazine media and tech review sites are amongst the top 3 resources used when researching technology

  • 1 in 3 people will seek to validate their choice after purchase, either posting online or seeking out more information on sites like Trusted Reviews and Homes Network

Implications for Advertisers

  • Magazine brands play a role in the technology purchase journey as a brand-building channel

  • The editorial expertise of magazine brands moves buyers along the purchase journey and prevents decision paralysis

  • As well as print and digital content on tech, magazine brands review sites Trusted Reviews and Expert Reviews present opportunities for advertisers to reach technology buyers