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Magazines provide...

A positive advertising experience

With magazines, advertising is not ignored but seen as a positive part of the experience.

Magazine consumption is acknowledged as time well spent, and when people are in a positive frame of mind, they’re more open to messages about advertising and brands.

Magazines are considered time well spent

Consumers have positive perceptions of advertising in magazines

Positive people were…

Magazines online generate twice the attention

A passionate and engaged audience

Magazines are all about passion and commitment. The subject matter as diverse as fashion, food and film, music, motoring and make-up drive the close connection consumers feel with the content and increase the likelihood of action being taken.

With magazines advertising is part of the experience

Consumers are more receptive to

2 in 3 Love it when advertising taps into their passions

advertising in contextually relevant environments achieves more attention

A trusted advertising environment

Magazines are a trusted environment which really matters when faith in media and in advertising is at an all-time low. With trust comes consumer confidence about buying advertised or featured products.

magazines are trusted

The depth of analysis and content in magazines drives trust

Quality publisher environments and trust

Adverts on TV and in printed magazines are most trusted

This means advertisers can achieve...

Contextual relevancy

A relevant context enhances receptivity to advertising through greater attention and a more welcoming mindset. Magazines perform better than all other channels on the relevance of the advertising – a key driver of brand KPIs.

Feel a close connection with magazines

half want to see ads as much as other content when it comes to their passions

Ads on premium content sites result in nearly three times more attention than task

Relevant context gets attention to your advertising

Emotional resonance

Magazine advertising drives very strong right brain activity, known for strengthening emotional connections and adding colour to a brand. Attention and emotion together give advertising a much better chance of not only getting seen but also ensuring it’s meaningful and relevant to the consumer.

magazines elicit a strong right brain response

Quality editorial environments boost

Magazines online deliver a stronger impact


Being different or distinctive fuels growth for brands and is also important for driving a price premium. Magazines are a channel proven to help consumers best understand what makes a brand unique, whilst also helping drive affinity and need.

something not available elsewhere

Targeted, premium channels contribute

Magazines facilitate brand discovery and drive customer acquisition

Which results in...

Long term business impact and ROI

Campaigns that include magazines drive significantly better sales and customer acquisition results than those without. Research shows that 5% investment in magazines will deliver on average 90% uplift in profit ROI.

Investment in magazines boosts Profit ROI

Detailed Business Effects Uplifts

All types of press appear to be effective, but consumer magazines seem to produce

Amplified effects

Magazines are a highly effective sidekick media to other channels, and for an average 5% of total budget, help optimise investments. They deliver strong results especially when combined with TV and online video.

Magazine Multiplier Effects With Online Video

Magazine Multiplier Effects With Online Display