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VOXI: heat’s under the duvet with VOXI

  • Date:

    18 September 2020

VOXI: heat’s under the duvet with VOXI

WINNER: Magnetic Spotlight Awards 2020 for Best Use of Digital

“The partnership co-created branded content that had the power to connect with the audience to great effect and deliver real engagement. The campaign borrowed heat’s credibility and authenticity with their readers to communicate VOXI’s proposition to the target audience. The results speak for themselves and drove real business value”.

Daniel Mogdridge, Media Manager, VOXI

The Challenge

VOXI, Vodafone’s rapidly growing youth brand, faced significant brand challenges. Understanding of what VOXI offered was low and the brand lacked connection with its core 16-24 audience.

With 69% of this audience locked into monthly contracts, and 65% only considering two brands when switching there were substantial barriers to consideration. With unlimited data for social media and rolling monthly contracts VOXI offered a highly relevant service for this audience’s needs.

The campaign had two objectives:

  • Increase consideration for VOXI by 10%
  • Increase growth in VOXI sales by 8%

The Idea

To achieve a meaningful connection with this youth audience VOXI needed a partner, one that could make them part of the cultural conversation. Last year Love Island had dominated newsfeeds, attracting over 8 million tweets.

16-24s were obsessed with the show.

Social media was a jungle of user generate content; from viewers creating their own memes to superfans broadcasting their conspiracy theories. But all this content was all over the web, not in one place. There was a content gap and the idea to create a Love Island spin off show focused on fans was born.

heat was identified as the ideal partner – an established brand within the cultural commentary space, with a reputation for creating high quality content for youth audiences. This was an opportunity for VOXI to set themselves apart from the 11 other official brand sponsors and the plethora of additional content, heat had access to Love Island in a way other brand sponsors couldn’t.

Under the Duvet with heat! – a Love Island spin off show – was created to explore all the juiciest social commentary. Hosted on heat online and available to watch on YouTube, the weekly 20-minute show exclusively explored what fans had to say about the Islander’s shenanigans and social media.

The 8-week campaign consisted of:

  • 7 x 20 min episodes
  • 21 x social cut downs for VOXI to use
  • 16 x paid social posts
  • 6 x print advertorials
  • 72 x live reads
  • Hosting 26 Islander guests on the show

Trailers were created and optimised for each social media platform and heat, championing what was most popular on each social media platform. Endless Social Media was central to VOXI’s product offering, and heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI was the perfect fit to increase understanding of the offering and create highly relevant brand associations.

Episode 1 of the series for further episodes click here

The Results

Results for this campaign exceeded estimated delivery figures and smashed all the standard benchmarks

  • The spin off series totted up a total of 4.1M views across the 7 x 20-minute episodes, exceeding targets by 38% (Source: Bauer)
  • Brand consideration increased from 47% to 61% for viewers in just two months (Source: Bauer)
  • After watching the content, there were over 2.4M clicks through to the VOXI website to find out more information and Google brand search increased by 9% – both key indicators of active consideration (Source: Google & VOXI Web Analytics)
  • But most importantly of all, by creating content that plugged a Love Island gap, VOXI managed to persuade significant numbers of people to dump their mobile network start a contract with VOXI (GFK sales tracker, data suppressed due to confidentiality)