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Retaining relevance for brand growth

Retaining relevance for brand growth

COVID-19 is resetting attitudes and behaviour. It has bought about the biggest full stop for brands and consumers that is likely to occur in our lifetimes, leaving many advertisers and marketers with significant short- and long-term planning challenges.

There has not been a sector or brand unaffected, that’s not needed to pause and take stock.

This pause is both a risk and an opportunity for advertisers. A risk to the current customer base as they reassess, but clearly an opportunity for some brands to acquire new customers.

All brands know that relevance matters, and this feels particularly pertinent right now, being appropriate to the time and circumstances can both strengthen your brand for longer term growth and activate and drive short term decisions and purchase.

Solutions that work for the long and short term are sound investments anytime but particularly right now.

The attached decks are taken from work we carried out with Kantar and PHD where we looked at what it takes to maintain and build brand relevancy.

This new insight suggest ways to straddle short- and long-term challenges, and build stronger more meaningful connections with consumers as well as activating purchase.

The following four videos are audio-only/slide decks from the recent ‘Brand Building’ webinar with Kantar and PHD:

1. A brief introduction from Sue Todd, CEO, Magnetic as to why this is an important topic for advertisers (2 minutes)
2. Key scene-setting slides and insight from Kantar’s Helen Rowe (7 minutes)
3. A guide to planning brand relevance by Mike Florence, Chief Strategy Officer, PHD (13 minutes)
4. Q&A with Mike Florence and Sue Todd, facilitated by media journalist Dominic Mills (35 minutes)

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