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Good Housekeeping UK launches first ever VIP membership

  • Date:

    08 May 2024

Good Housekeeping UK launches first ever VIP membership

To mark the 100 anniversary of the Good Housekeeping Institute, the VIP membership invites readers to ‘Join the Club’ with a host of print, digital, and red-carpet experiences on offer.

VIP members will receive every print and digital issue of Good Housekeeping; the chance to test products at the Good Housekeeping Institute; entry into Good Housekeeping Live with access to the exclusive private members’ lounge; Book Club membership; full use of the Good Housekeeping app with a year’s subscription to another Hearst UK magazine, as well as digital access to the Daily Mail and The i newspapers; plus, VIP treats and rewards with leading brands like Champneys.

Liz Moseley, MD Good Housekeeping & Good Housekeeping Institute, commented: Good Housekeeping VIP is about rewarding the women in the midst of everything that matters – from what we eat to how we live. They’re the planners and the doers. The life hackers, bargain hunters and secret recipe holders. The ones who’ve been there, done that, bought, washed and ironed the t-shirt. We’vepartnered with iconic brands and events to build a rewards package that treats our audience like the VIPs they really are – from bagging front row seats for an audience with the real Lady of ‘Downton Abbey’ at Highclere Castle, to the chance to win to tickets to ‘Goodwoof’ – Goodwood’s festival of dogs!”

Moseley added: “For us, as a brand, our memberships proposition is also about building deeper relationships with existing and new customers through premium content and experiences that women of all generations want to pay for. In a complex world, unrivalled trust and a sense of belonging are crucial components in deepening that engagement. Some 100 years after the launch of the Good Housekeeping Institute, the trust in our brand has never been stronger and is a huge part of why we believe Good Housekeeping is a truly intergenerational magazine brand.”

The VIP membership costs £149 for the year, whilst Good Housekeeping also offers a purely Digital Membership at £19.99 and a Classic Membership – print and digital combined – for £54.99 across 12 months.

The Good Housekeeping VIP membership proposition, in full, includes:

For more information on Good Housekeeping VIP, and all other GH membership packages, please go to:

Photography: Elisabeth Hoff