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The Woodland Trust

  • Date:

    19 January 2024

The Woodland Trust

Key Takeaways

  • The Woodland Trust needed to engage eco-conscious enthusiasts to help the nature and climate crisis.
  • It partnered with Immediate Media to create inspiring multi-platform content to lead readers towards taking action.
  • The campaign helped increase engagement levels, favourability and 36% say they’re likely to donate to the Woodland Trust.

One page summary

Client Quote

“Engaging readers and online consumers about the benefits of a thriving and healthy woodland eco system only strengthens the movement of like-minded people who are willing and ready to act for the environment. Using Immediate’s flagship brand titles we have seen great results from warm audiences across various titles – always centred on what the reader is engaged with and always putting the audiences first.

The Woodland Trust has been a partner with Immediate for six years and has in that time built upon strong foundations to use print formats to convey a combination of propositions and calls to action. Print is the backbone of our campaigns and with the multi-channel approach as a wrap-around, we are able to continue to strengthen our relationship with the readers and with Immediate to provide creative content that resonates and delivers results for the good of the planet.”

Sofia Nazar Chadwick, Lead Membership Innovation Manager

The Challenge

The Woodland Trust fights for a world in which woods and trees thrive for wildlife and for people. Their aim was to drive engagement, favourability versus competitor charities, understanding of its purpose and differences, and inspire action amongst a target audience of eco-conscious, wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

They planned to achieve this by leaning into the ethos and values of Immediate Media’s editorial brands and connecting with readers in a meaningful way. Multi-platform content needed to resonate with readers and lead them towards taking action to join the Trust or to engage in other meaningful action to help the nature and climate crisis.

The Plan/Execution

Immediate Media’s green audience, constituting 30% of the adult population and a priority segment for The Woodland Trust, provided a fitting platform for their campaign. Selecting titles like BBC Gardeners’ World, Radio Times, and BBC History magazine, where the readership resonated with the Trust’s values, ensured alignment with the campaign’s objectives. Leveraging the editorial sustainability focus across these brands, including the ‘Grow Greener’ campaign in BBC Gardeners’ World, tapped into readers’ existing support for environmental causes.

The campaign, centred around trees, woods, wildlife, and people, maintained a laser focus on meeting the needs of each editorial brand’s readership while conveying the Trust’s message in a non-preachy and engaging manner. Collaborating closely with Immediate Media’s Imagine studio, the Woodland Trust produced contextual, meaningful content promoting their work and membership benefits. A multi-brand, multi-touchpoint approach across Immediate’s print portfolio ensured a consistent presence, with display adverts, advertorials, and inserts highlighting various aspects of the Trust’s work.

While print played a leading role in building relationships with Immediate’s audiences, it was complemented by event and digital activation to maintain a consistent presence across brands. Live shows like Gardeners World Live at the NEC saw the Trust surpass membership signup targets, with attendees expressing appreciation for the magazine content.


The campaign continues to drive impressive results, with conversations underway about a seventh year of partnership with Immediate.

  • Huge engagement: 70% of those who recalled the campaign say they read all/most of the 8-page supplement. One third took at least one form of action, with 34% agreeing that they’d support the Trust through volunteering/campaigning to save woodlands.
  • High favourability vs competitors: 88% have a favourable view of the Woodland Trust (vs Wildlife Trust 72% and National Trust (77%). 7% say they would recommend the Trust.
  • Understanding of purpose and differences: 57% agree “I know more about the Trust and its purpose,” while 51% understand the key difference between the Trust and its competitors.
  • Driving action: 36% say they’re likely to donate to the Woodland Trust, while 6% have donated since seeing the campaign. 5% purchased something on

Sources: Immediate Media Brand Uplift Study, presented January 2023 and GB TGI 2022 February (January 2021 – December 2021) – Media Owner Pop

“The Woodland Trust’s ‘Campaign for Good’ ensures that our propositions are relatable and achievable. Ensuring that our content aligns with each and every one of the readers we are talking with. Our strategy focusses on great brand synergy, and we can align our strategy goal to inspire audiences to trusted BBC brands in the Immediate portfolio. We work closely with Immediate to produce engaging content that creates conversations and that educates audiences to the value of protecting nature and to the threats we all face in the nature and climate crises. Informing audiences who are committed and ready to act. Immediate’s numerous on and offline platforms allow different styles and approaches, and we can see that (Call to action, education, awareness) they all work.”

Sofia Nazar Chadwick, Lead Membership Innovation Manager