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Jordans: Bursting With Nature

  • Date:

    22 July 2022

Jordans: Bursting With Nature

“The quality of the content was fantastic and translated into really strong results that everyone at Jordans talks about proudly. The team at Immediate were an absolute joy to work with and I looked forward to every meeting with them.”

Nina Howse, Digital Manager, Jordans

The challenge

At the heart of the7starsʼ brief for Jordans was boosting awareness and consideration via three objectives:

  • Communicate the message that Jordans cereals is a brand with sustainability at its heart
  • Educate and excite consumers about how naturally delicious and nutritious Jordansʼ cereals are, and the role biodiversity plays in crafting its ingredients
  • Illustrate how Jordans cares for nature, and how this ensures it can keep on farming for years to come

The Idea

Immediate Media leveraged its editorial teamsʼ deep understanding of their readersʼ views and habits to appeal to Jordanʼs three target audiences:
– Wholesome Cereal Buyers (BBC Good Food, delicious. and olive)
– Healthy Ethicals (BBC Gardenersʼ World)
– Eco Actives (BBC Wildlife and BBC Countryfile).

This insight was combined with a leading first-party data proposition, which would allow Jordans to target these audiences across all Immediate sites and platforms.

Using Immediate relevant brands would allow Jordans to reach both 1.4million current users as well as rival cereal users and main shoppers at scale.

The Bursting With Nature campaign was conceived to resonate with Immediateʼs passion-led editorial brands via print and digital content, video, social and integration into editorial events (sponsorship of the BBC Gardenersʼ World Garden of the Year competition 2021).

Key to the campaignʼs success was tailoring Jordansʼ many complex messages for the different passion-led audiences.

The campaign had clear aims, to highlight the link between caring for nature and the production of delicious quality ingredients, and to present Jordans as advocates of sustainability in food production.

Immediate has scaled reach into consumers who favour ethical brands – 7.4million people are prepared to pay more for them. But these audiences are also discerning, so they identified two routes to communicate Bursting With Nature: taste and nature.

With a portfolio of food titles aligned to nature and growing, Immediate offered scaled audiences receptive to a contextual, content-led approach. This meant tailoring content for each brandʼs audience.

The BBC Good Food element looked at how sustainable farming methods safeguard future ingredient production.
BBC Gardenersʼ World focussed on home-grown produce and rewilding.
BBC Countryfile and BBC Wildlife talked about Jordansʼ work around biodiversity.

There were several challenges in the delivery of this campaign, not least that the assets had to be produced in April, when oat plants hadnʼt yet grown and fields were still bare!

Immediate’s Imagine team turned this into an opportunity to showcase – and build upon – Jordansʼ newly refreshed identity. However, this approach had its challenges, too – namely the limited assets available to create a cohesive campaign that consolidated the brandʼs new visual approach across multiple touchpoints. Video was key to this, but presented yet another challenge: with so many amazing stories to tell around Jordansʼ varied and complex environmental initiatives, it was difficult to distil them all into four short-form videos. The answer was animation, which made it easier to communicate a range of stories, while building on Jordanʼs brand refresh.

Also key to the successful delivery of this partnership was Imagineʼs immersive approach, allocating one sole copywriter to write all print and digital content, to really get to the heart of what the client was trying to achieve, while also ensuring consistency of tone and messaging across all brands. Seamless project management was also essential to coordinate the content across multiple titles, touchpoints and teams.

View the Artice, Watch the video, Visit Jordans advertorial


The campaign reached 12m+ people and exceeded all benchmarks. Post-campaign analysis uncovered that the campaign had delivered incredible ROI among those who recalled the campaign:

  • The campaign drove message of association of Jordans cereals as a brand with sustainability at its heart: an increase of 52% in consumers who believed Jordans “cares for nature”
  • The campaign educated and excited consumers about how naturally delicious and nutritious Jordansʼ cereals are, and the role biodiversity plays in its ingredients: there was a 21% uplift in consumers who agree that Jordans “tastes great” and 20% who agreed “itʼs natural
  • It illustrated Jordansʼ ethos around sustainability: 65% said they were more aware of how Jordans cares for nature
  • The campaign increased purchase consideration: there was a 23% uplift in those who said they would consider buying Jordans in future
  • It increased top-of-mind awareness in the breakfast cereals category: there was a 33% rise in unprompted brand awareness