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Uber Eats – Big Dish Energy Partnership

  • Date:

    18 March 2024

Uber Eats – Big Dish Energy Partnership

The Challenge

Time Out is the world’s top resource for discovering the best places to eat and drink in the city. And when you want London’s tastiest dishes delivered to your doorstep? Uber Eats has you covered. Together, Time Out and Uber Eats teamed up to hero London’s incredible food scene, celebrating the dishes that have made the capital’s best restaurants famous. 

Uber Eats came to Time Out hungry for their expert restaurant credentials and our food-fanatic audience. Its ambition was to drive delivery demand for its core restaurant partners, while positioning Uber Eats as a front-of-mind option for fantastic food delivery – from local gems to popular London staples. 

The Big Idea

Together, Time Out and Uber Eats launched ‘Big Dish Energy’: a cross-platform series all about London’s tastiest dishes – all of which are available on Uber Eats. Through the success of their Hype Dish editorial series, Time Out know that their audience loves discovering their favourite places to eat through learning about what goes behind making famous dishes, so they followed that trend for ‘Big Dish Energy’. Over the course of three months, Time Out treated their hero dishes like bona fide celebrities, giving them glamorous photoshoots and interviewing chefs, their food editor Leonie Cooper and respected food influencers to find out just what makes them so incredible. The series lived across all Time Out touchpoints – web, social, CRM, Offers and live events. 

Uber Eats fit seamlessly into ‘Big Dish Energy’, positioned as the brand that allows you to order these mouthwatering meals to your door. 

The results

Time out saw fantastic engagement across all their content, from super-high dwell time on videos to great feedback from their live event. 

…From the kitchen 

Chef-led video series: showed what’s giving a famous plate Big Dish Energy according to the chef. Reach: 1.93M.

Digital content: a deeper dive into the hero dishes. Average dwell time: 4m 39secs (benchmark 2m 30secs).

Organic social: A carousel post featuring bespoke photography of Time Out’s favourite dishes. Reach: 479,926.

…To your doorstep 

Big Night In video series: delivering some Big Dish Energy to the homes of some of their favourite tastemakers. Reach: 1,983,492

Time Out Offers campaign: Offering users £10 off their next Uber Eats order. Conversation rate: 6.51%.

…and in your city 

Big Dish Energy Live: Time Out invited their food fanatic audience to come and sample their favourite dishes for themselves. Across four sessions, guests came and tried out four dishes, including Tofu Vegan’s Wontons in Spicy Sauce and the Gaucho Sandwich from Eggslut. 

4 sessions

741 attendees

2,964 dishes eaten

84% attendees said they loved the event

…With their network of foodie tastemakers helping along the way! 

Organic social reach: 343k 

Overall results

  • 96% who recalled any element of the campaign have taken some action
  • 10% increase in prompted advertising awareness
  • 9 in 10 of respondents had a positive perception of the brand as a result of the campaign with the highest increase being Uber Eats ‘is for people like me’ and ‘helps me support local businesses’