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Cushelle: Supporting sustainable lifestyles

  • Date:

    25 August 2021

Cushelle: Supporting sustainable lifestyles

The Challenge

Leading household brand Cushelle wanted to increase purchase consideration and raise awareness of their new improved packaging of Cushelle Double Rolls, helping position it as a sustainable product?

Hearst’s audiences are passionate about sustainability helping consumers make changes to their lifestyle and buying habits to decrease their carbon footprint, yet 80% of Hearst’s audience don’t know how to tell if a brand is sustainable or not.

The Idea

Hearst created the ‘School of Sustainability’ to celebrate the sustainable steps Cushelle Double Rolls are making, encouraging and educating Hearst’s audience to do the same, powered by Good Housekeeping’s Getting Greener accreditation.

The campaign was activated across Good Housekeeping and Red. As part of the partnership, Cushelle was awarded the Good Housekeeping Getting Greener Accreditation – a ‘Hearst first’ for a toilet roll brand. This was front and centre of the campaign acting as a stamp of approval, making it easier for our audience to distinguish that Cushelle Double Rolls have made changes to become a more sustainable brand. The accreditation was used on the content we created, through co-branded articles, digital display, print display and on the packaging.

The content Hearst created really resonated with young families, encouraging small sustainability swaps around the home. In print, Good Housekeeping December Issue featured ‘The Easy way to a Greener Lifestyle’ and co-branded articles online focusing on families, future generations and sustainability swaps helped educate the audience further on sustainable choices. With Red’s article ‘8 ways to raise eco-forward children who believe in sustainably’ the Hearst dwell time benchmark of 1:30 minutes was exceeded by a massive 3:02 minutes!

Dedicated Cushelle Engagement Posts pushing the sustainability message excelled past benchmarks with Red +15% and Good Housekeeping +40% past benchmark demonstrating Hearst’s audience of young families on Facebook were very engaged. The Red social video ‘5 Sustainable Buys for Your Next Shop’ with animated tips and a fun colourful format also proved to be a great success with a view-completion-rate +3% above benchmark.

The Results

The positive and powerful content, working hand-in-hand with the Getting Greener accreditation drove an increase in consideration, awareness and purchase intention. As a result of the campaign, more people now recognise Cushelle Double Rolls comes in sustainable packaging. Amongst those exposed to the campaign:

  • 16% increase in consideration
  • 13% increase in purchase intention
  • 40% agree that the campaign told them something new about Cushelle Double Rolls