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Planning Beyond Reach

Planning Beyond Reach

Maintaining cultural relevance, being relatable, authentic, and taking the time to truly understand an audience’s beliefs and values, has never been more important.

Relevance is a cultural imperative, but it can be a commercial one too. It’s about targeting; be that discrete audiences, specific occasions, or even precise stages in the purchase cycle. 

But relevance can also be about emotional resonance. If something resonates with you it’s often due to creative impact and tone. A message that achieves an emotional connection is one that is imbued with a degree of meaning. 

An emphasis on one interpretation of this pulls you towards short-term effects on the one hand, or long-term effects on the other. Embracing them both is a good way to straddle long- and short-term pressures.

In Planning Beyond Reach we look at how advertising in different media environments can mean your brand is seen as relevant and trusted, and ultimately how you can secure meaningful attentive engagement with your audiences. 

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