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Travel plans in 2021

Travel plans in 2021

With the succesful rollout of vaccinations in the UK and a government roadmap for unlocking the country, we are all looking forward to getting out and about. Naturally, this extends beyond the high street to travel both in the UK and beyond.

Last year, Future published research looking at consumer sentiment around travel during the pandemic. In a similar vein, Immediate has been using their customer panel to track attitudes to travel as well as holiday plans and budgets.

With the country due to open fully in June, this timely update offers some useful insights into how consumers are feeling about emerging from lockdown and the prospect of travelling in this latest stage of the pandemic.

The study is based on responses from the Immediate Media Insiders panel of over 17,000 members. The research was carried out over March 2021 and trend comparis are against the previous wave (Oct/Nov 2020).

Headline stats reveal:

  • Just under a third of the Immediate audience have booked holidays for 2021, with an additional 19% hoping to go away. Conversely, 19% are definitely not going away this year (an increase of +9%)
  • Almost half of respondents say it will be ‘very important’ to go on holiday once it is safe to do so, with overall importance remaining stable
  • Relaxing, visiting natural attractions and spending time with loved ones are the top three elements of holidays people are most looking forward to, with nightlife at the bottom of the list of priorities
  • Almost a third will make the arrangements now for holidays this year. 16% are willing to wait until the last minute
  • Despite the uncertainty, over half (54%) are likely to spend the same amount on their holiday this year – though this is down on the last wave of research (perhaps as consumers are more likely to holiday in the UK)
  • Around half of the Immediate audience are planning to take at least one 7+ night holiday or short break (2-6 nights long) this year
  • The vast majority is likely to holiday in the UK next year, with just over a third planning to travel to one of the European countries (however this is significantly down on the last wave)
  • Within Europe, Spain, France and Italy are the top three destinations, though Greece is very close behind
  • Those planning to go to the Americas in this year opted mainly for the USA but, interestingly, Canada has seen an increase in consideration

Download the full deck (left) for more.