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Bauer Knowledge: Millennials

Bauer Knowledge: Millennials

In Brief

An unparalleled, in-depth analysis of current millennial behaviours and the implications for brands.

Millennials are a highly-valued audience, making up one in four adults in the UK.

The study investigated the pressures, passions and motivations that drives this audience by allowing them to create their own hierarchy of needs using Maslow’s hierarchy as a framework.  

It questioned more than 3,000 millennials via a bespoke social community hub, asking them to review adverts and media brands, keep diaries of the media they used, and write passionate ‘love letters’ to their favourite media brands. The 50+ tasks set on the hub delivered 1000’s of posts from which to draw out insights.

The study reveals that experience is the most valued status symbol for the UK’s millennials.

It also found that millennials seek meaningful experiences in both work and life but some struggle to achieve the balance they want.

Key Findings

  • The two core pressures impacting on Millennials are the post-recession economy and the always on culture of our digital world

  • Millennials hyper connected world is pressure packed and they need relief, magazine media can provide a welcome retreat of media mindfulness

  • Experience is the new status symbol and trumps ownership. 74% of millennials agree that they ‘enjoy the shared experience of events’, 77% agreed they ‘love having new and original experiences’.

  • Millennials are expert knowledge gatherers, giving them access to those in the know is an imperative, consider the role of specialist editorial teams at magazine brands as part of your campaign solution

  • Five attitudinal Millennial segments were identified: The influencers, The adopters, The apprentices, The entertained, The contented. A handy infographic snapshot of demographic, attitudes, brands and media preferences if available for each.