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AMP – Transforming Industry Fortunes by Simon Redican, CEO PAMCo

  • Date:

    20 March 2017

AMP – Transforming Industry Fortunes by Simon Redican, CEO PAMCo

Make sure your business is AMP ready by Spring 2018.

In a seismic speech to the IAB in the US earlier this year, Marc Pritchard, Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer, called for a greater emphasis on transparency, accuracy, accountability, and the need for highly trusted and accurate audience measurement systems.

Pritchard’s comments and an increasing industry focus on the area of trust and transparency of media data are the perfect backdrop for the published media industry to launch its new industry currency AMP to stakeholders.

At a recent gathering of agencies and publishers the PAMCo AMP conference ‘Transforming Industry Fortunes’, heard Jan Gooding, Chair of PAMCo and senior client at Aviva, re-iterated her support for AMP as a robust and modern approach to audience measurement. Endorsing the conference theme she concluded that she was optimistic that ‘the money would follow the insight’.

The key benefit of AMP will be the ability to do reach and frequency planning across all platforms, something currently not possible through NRS. And a real boon to agencies will be the huge increase in the number of publisher brands measured on all platforms, going from 28 on NRS to over 90 on AMP.  

In a climate of challenged publisher revenues, the soon to be launched AMP will help publishers better monetise their inventory by illustrating the full breadth and depth of their audiences irrespective of platform. This is one of the exciting prospects, a key theme of the panel discussion highlighted by Duncan Tickell of Immediate Media, and shared by Adam Crow of Mediacom.

The AMP methodology can be summed up as a fusion of ‘tried and trusted’ with the ‘new and innovative’. Critically AMP takes a brand-first, platform-neutral approach, which is fit for today’s modern communications landscape and was designed to be future-proof from the outset with innovation being hard-wired into the methodology. This has already been highlighted by the fact that Facebook instant articles will be reported in the survey, despite not being in existence when the new design process was started. This adaptability to embrace new distribution innovations in situ will be a hallmark of AMP.

For the moment though, the focus of the day was celebrating what many deem to be a world-leading approach with an innovative methodology combining face-to-face interviews, a bespoke digital panel, and a fusion with high quality comScore data. The speakers at the conference made a rallying cry for agencies and media owners to ready themselves to utilise this new tool to maximum effect for the ultimate benefit of advertisers.

Make sure your business is AMP ready by February 2018.

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