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The Lab 2016 - Our agency planners share their views on magazine media

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THE LAB, in association with Campaign, was designed to create a 360-degree experience of the sector for up-and-coming agency planners via a series of discussions with senior publishing leaders, editors and creative thinkers. Across two half days it offered exclusive behind-the-scenes time for 30 planners at magazine brands, to understand the craft of developing compelling content across print and digital assets.

At the end of The Lab, we asked the planners to reflect on their experiences, and below you'll find excerpts from a few of the planners in which they discuss what they learnt, their perceptions of magazines’ role in the media mix, and what excites them about the way in which magazine media is evolving for the benefit of advertisers. One of the entrants was picked from the submissions to win a trip to Cannes - well done Anneka.

Anneka Dew MGOMD


Magazines - A Very Human Relationship 
Magazines have a unique position. Whereas some channels may have to settle for sporadic attention, magazines have a long term, deep relationship with their consumers – a phrase that stuck with me from The Lab was 'share of heart not share of voice'…

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Rob Phythian

Rob Phythian, Mindshare

Untapped value – why magazine brands remain an essential part of the media mix

Talks from the legendary Dave Trott alongside Empire Editor-in-Chief Terri White (amongst others) reminded me that a true interaction with a trusted brand is the only real way to tap into what your audience wants and deliver good advertising…

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Chloe Young

Chloe Young, MGOMD

The prevailing role of magazine media in a connected world

Print media has always been valued as a channel that knows how to build long-standing loyal relationships with its audience, a channel of trust. Extending that relationship in to the events space has awarded magazine media another opportunity to connect with consumers…

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Georgia Penny

Georgia Penny, PHD

Algorithms & Editors – The Importance of the Human Connection for Advertisers

Brands have a real opportunity to tap into the connection (with magazine media) and tell a credible story through multiple platforms that are engaged with and trusted by a loyal audience...

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Matt Bunting

Matt Bunting, MGOMD

The role of magazine media in a 24/7 connected world

As consumers tire of unwanted advertisements, and become better at dodging them, magazine brands continue to hold their position as the most welcome place for advertising from a consumer’s perspective…   

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Scott Bilbe

Scott Bilbe, Initiative

Magazine media is evolving

Magazine brands are highly influential and their relevancy is clear as opinion leaders but by evolving in a meaningful way they are ensuring, now more than ever, they play an important role in our thirst for content across different platforms and touchpoints…

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Daniela Erikson

Daniela Erikson, MGOMD

Algorithms or Editors – the importance of human connection for advertisers

With turbulent ABC headlines magazine editors are become smarter, expanding content onto other platforms and becoming event makers in their own right. This is the time for brands to jump aboard and work with editors - after all, editors are the ultimate influencers...

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Will McAvoy

Will McAvoy, PHD

Innovation in publishing 

Going beyond the traditional publisher touch-points, we are now provided with opportunities to experience publisher sponsored events: food festivals, fashion shows, awards ceremonies - the list goes on with the ways in which magazine brands now connect with consumers in the ‘real’ world…

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Tom Sheppey

Tom Sheppey, Total Media

Algorithms & editors – the importance of the human connection for advertisers

Magazine content is written and edited by people with a shared passion for their subject in a way no machine can replicate...

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Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly, Mindshare

Magazine brands remain an essential part of the media mix

Given that 56% of millennials actually 'like' ads that make an effort to engage them, content is one element. If it inspires, engages and taps into reader's passions then why can't magazine media continue to be a success story?

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To register your interest in being part of The Lab in 2018, email us at TheLab@magnetic.media and we'll send you details in the new year.