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Consumers admit to switching brands during lockdown as optimism around spending grows

  • Date:

    07 August 2020

Consumers admit to switching brands during lockdown as optimism around spending grows

The latest tracking survey from Bauer shows that consumers are more optimistic about their spending plans, with many saying they will permanently adopt the habits gained during lockdown.

From shopping online and being more adventurous in the kitchen, to making home improvements and shopping locally, many consumers have learned new lessons and behaviours that they will carry on post-lockdown according to the survey.

Conducted between 17-22nd July, the survey shows:

  • 46% of people agreed that lockdown had reinforced the importance of having a car
  • 1 in 4 agreed that they were exercising more than they were previously
  • A third of people stated that they are more comfortable buying certain things online that they were not previously, the online shopping habit is here to stay
  • 94% of people said they will be doing the same amount or more of their Christmas present shopping online this year

With more consumer confidence and optimism, it is also predicted that spending will increase once lockdown has been fully lifted. 83% of respondents said that they will be spending the same amount or more once normal life resumes.

However, consumers are more price sensitive and liable to switch brands due to changed behaviour during lockdown.

  • 91% of consumers stated that they switched brands – either due to lack of stock or because other brands were on offer
  • 88% agree that they are still switching brands even as lockdown eases
  • 43% say that they are now more tempted by offers and deals than they were before lockdown
  • The tone of advertising expected by consumers is evolving – 81% agree that brands should not exploit the crisis with 50% saying that brands should show how they are contributing during the pandemic. Both of these measures have declined since the peak of lockdown

Changing media habits are likely to continue too, with a large of majority of people agreeing that they have consumed more media during lockdown and will maintain their usage.

  • 16% of people said that they are reading more magazines even as lockdown eases
  • 82% of those said they will read more afterwards

Abby Carvosso, Group MD, Bauer Advertising, said: “At Bauer Media we have been conducting research continuously throughout the lockdown to ensure that our customers are always up to date with the latest consumer trends and behaviour in response to the pandemic, and it is just as important to uncover these insights as lockdown eases and we slowly return back to norm. It is interesting to note that both radio and magazines have played a key role for consumers during lockdown.” 

The survey data was gathered between 17-22nd July, surveying 886 people from the Bauer Media Insiders panel, using a nationally representative sample weighted on gender, age, social grade and region.