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FREENOW – Love Thy Neighbourhood Partnership

  • Date:

    18 March 2024

FREENOW – Love Thy Neighbourhood Partnership

The Challenge

Time Out and FREENOW share a clear goal: to enable curious urbanites to discover the best of their cities. Time Out shows you the best experiences – and FREENOW, the mobility super app, gets you there. Following on from their super-successful partnerships in 2021 and 2022 across print, video and live events, together they took the leap into audio, launching the ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ podcast in August 2023.

The Big Idea

In a period of growth and expansion for Time Out via CRM, video, social and markets, venturing into the audio space felt like a natural progression – with FREENOW as the perfect partner. Hosted by Time Out’s London editor Joe Mackertich, the podcast is part city guide, part celebrity interview – and wholly entertaining from start to finish. Through the podcast, FREENOW wanted to drive awareness on a deeper level amongst Time Out’s urban, experience-seeking audience. 

‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ was designed by their editorial team to act as a useful tool for Londoners on the go, delivered as an entertaining chat with a celebrity. In each episode, prominent Londoners – including Derren Brown, Sophie Duker and Big Zuu – take Joe on a walking tour of their favourite neighbourhood, popping into shops, restaurants, parks and pubs that hold a special place in their hearts.

As the headline partner, FREENOW had pre, mid and post-roll presenter-read ads. These allowed FREENOW to seed key brand messaging authentically, literally in Joe’s own words. Beyond the podcast, Tim Out created branded content across their website, organic and promoted video via Time Out London’s Instagram channel and native placements within the editorial e-newsletter, spotlighting how FREENOW helps you navigate the city with multiple modes of transport in one app. 


Time Out have had 85k listens to series 1, reaching #60 in the UK Society & Culture chat, consistently sitting at #2 in the UK Places & Travel chart and peaking at #1 in July (via Chartable).

Branded content smashed Time Out benchmarks (including 4min 57sec average dwell time on digital feature pages and a 12.51% engagement rate via social video). 

Recall was high as over 3 in 5 Mid and Post respondents remembered having seen at least one element of the campaign. 

The campaign has improved perceptions with significantly more of those who recalled during and after the campaign had a better impression of FREENOW and over half of Post Recall respondents agreed they were now more likely to consider FREENOW in the future. 

The partnership was also successful at encouraging action as 93% of Mid Recall and 89% of Post Recall respondents took action in relation to FREENOW.