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The Byline: 60 second interview with Gemma Appleford, Initiative

The Planning Exec from Initiative tells us about her love of video editing, how magazine media helps to showcase a clients product range, and her unusual year long passion for a certain festive time of the year...

Gemma Appleford

What does that actually mean/what do you do? 
As a Planning Executive, it is my job to advise Clients on the most appropriate channels to advertise across including where these should be placed and when. On a typical day, I am in contact with various specialists and Clients to ensure that expectations are being managed and met throughout the Planning process.

Other responsibilities include providing weekly Market updates, Revenue Forecasting, using various Industry tools and supporting the team with day-to-day management of the Accounts. 

Video Editing

How did you get into it?
I first started editing videos when I was 13 and went onto editing and producing promotional videos for local sports clubs. My favourite thing about editing and producing videos is the sentimental value. It’s a way of bringing lots of memories into one place which you can watch back at any time.

Tell us more...
Although I had always wanted to work within TV Production, I also wanted to expand my knowledge of the Media Industry (hence, Planning Executive!) The links with the local sports club were as far as I branched out. I also loved watching live productions at ITV Studios and taking tours of other Broadcasting houses. Maybe one day… who knows!

Tommy Hilfigher Gigi Hadid

What are your favourite magazine brands?

Clients you work with:

How does magazine media best help your clients?
Magazines allow us to showcase our Client’s product range, knowing the reader’s attention will be fixed on the page rather than a brief glimpse whilst multi-screening.

What is your favourite current magazine ad/ad campaign?
Tommy Hilfiger (with GiGi Hadid)

Tell us a little known fact about yourself:
I love Christmas songs so much that I listen to them all year!