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Magazine media develops meaningful conversations that are welcomed because of its ability to drive relevancy

Metrics that Matter

‘Context is King’ has always been a dominant phrase in media and making advertising relevant to the consumer is crucial. In our brand effectiveness study ‘Metrics that Matter’ conducted in partnership with Carat insight, We established that relevancy is the most important metric to move if you want to impact on long term brand KPIs. Not only that, relevancy is also the hardest metric for media to move; it’s more easily shifted by brand experience and word of mouth.

Magazine media is the number one media channel for moving relevancy. This is because magazine consumption is highly driven by personal interest and passions. The wide array of specialist interest areas covered allows brands to find highly relevant contexts for their messages.

This degree of relevancy is more likely to be welcomed by consumers than the pin point targeting that happens in digital channels, which has led some consumers to block advertising. Another study from Magnetic, ‘Moments that matter’, revealed 35% of consumers welcomed advertising in magazines. This was the highest score for a media channel; the closest competitor was Newsbrands at 21%.