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Rowse Honey choose magazines to drive purchase consideration


Rowse Honey wanted to drive awareness and purchase consideration in the winter months by positioning themselves as the perfect match for porridge, alongside the message that honey is a delicious, natural wonder - not only for breakfast but as a natural sweetener in baking and cooking.

The idea was to play on the story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears', putting a humorous, contemporary twist on a classic tale. This led to the creation of 'The Three Bears' a series of cooking videos featuring Matt, Joel and Phil from their rustic cabin deep in the woods, cooking up delicious porridge recipes including a range of healthy toppings.

After a few years out of print advertising, Rowse wanted to partner with a credible publishing brand to help amplify 'The Three Bears' campaign with big print standout formats and an accompanying content partnership within print and digital. Stylist was chosen as the the perfect partner to bring the story to life with a multi-platform content partnership.


The campaign ran across multiple platforms including print, online and social.

'Three Bears' became a Stylist coverwrap which included advertorials to introduce the audience to their cover stars. The campaign utilised single page advertorials appearing weekly in Stylist, continuing the Rowse Honey story, amplifying the message of honey and how it creates the perfect porridge for breakfast. Rowse Honey was included in editorial content and featured in a DPS for 'Gourmet on the Go', encouraging the reader to use honey for sweetness rather than sugar.

Articles featuring The Three Bears showcasing their recipes were posted weekly through online editorial and video content. ROS banners and in-stream editorial placements ran throughout the campaign to drive traffic to the advertorial.

Social posts were live on Facebook for the duration of the campaign, driving traffic to the landing page and new posts were created each week in correlation with the new video.


  • KPI 1 - 17,500 to content - Achieved:17,729
  • KPI 2 - video views - 250,000 - Achieved: 270,000
  • Competition - 21% opt in rate (benchmark - 10%)
  • Dwell time on content - 2.12mins (benchmark - 1min)