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Impulse use native content on The Debrief to empower millennial women to 'Live Life on Impulse'



Impulse wanted to promote their key brand message of ‘Live life on Impulse,’ with credibility, relevance and scale, as well as drive awareness of their partnership with the pop music prodigy Charli XCX and the limited edition new Charli XCX Impulse products.

The idea was to empower women everywhere to act on impulse and do something slightly different and daring every day - to live life on Impulse! Stop talking, Start Doing! Its about the little everyday acts of spontaneity that will make life more exciting. With a solus email, comprehensive native package and creative microsite competition, all housed within a central Impulse hub on The Debrief, the campaign aimed to bring ‘Live Life on Impulse’ to life in an informative and engaging way.

Impulse Debrief campaign

Charli XCX


Video run of site and native content drove the millenial audience to a socially led campaign destination which housed stories and Charli XCX content. This ran alongside a competition to win spontaneous prizes based on users impulsive entries via social channels using #LiveLifeonImpulse. The native content aimed to bust the myth that acting on impulse is reckless, with a collection of stories encouraging readers to try new things such as ditching your mobile phone for a whole Saturday and still have fun; quick ways to spoil yourself without spending money and asking that dream guy out for a date! Each story was framed around that moment of Impulse and directed readers to the micro-site, detailing the competition and amplifying activity. The solus email aimed to create a buzz around Charli XCX and how she lives her life on impulse, as well as drive traffic to her Impulse video content and to the competition.


  • 3m Impressions -  nearly 12,000 more impressions than estimated
  • Average dwell time of 3.22 (1 min 30s more than current average dwell times per piece)