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Dennis changes perceptions for HP with 'Innovation At Work'

Strategic Alliance of the Year - Dennis


HP had a strong existing relationship with Dennis. Whilst working together HP changed its focus a number of times, expanding into new areas such as security, mobility, TCO and business transformation. Each time Dennis adapted the partnership to accommodate. One such challenge was that HP felt it was no longer seen as an innovator and wanted to change that perception within the B2B market. A challenge made even more difficult by its focus on ‘Business Printing’ – a subject that’s not easy to make engaging.

Dennis for HP

A lot is written about the value of deep editorial insight and its benefit for client business, but the four year relationship between HP and Dennis is an example of a long standing partnership that goes way beyond the normal media owner / brand brief.

Innovation At Work has developed into an always-on partnership, constantly augmented and promoted through multiple Dennis brands as well as HP’s own channels. From white label content and bespoke sales and marketing material to downloadable reports, advertorial features, bespoke events and associative video content, Dennis has produced over 250 pieces of content. In addition, Dennis has acted as a consultant and trusted advisor for HP’s content marketing strategy for a range of B2B products including security, mobility, TCO, business transformation as well as more traditional business
printing assets.


'Innovation At Work' is an always-on partnership that is constantly being augmented and promoted. So far it has delivered....

  • 250 pieces of content
  • 500,000 page views
  • Established HP as a leader within key B2B areas
  • Aligned HP with key, topical issues facing business IT decision makers

HP no longer sees Dennis as a publishing company, but as a true partner who advises and helps to drive its business.