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Immediate create new, unique content to Align Castrol Edge with the best in motoring and motorsport

Immediate partner Castrol GT to amplify the Renault F1 Partnership and drive awareness for Castrol products.

Castrol Edge


  • Harness the ‘Join the Team’ opportunity; amplifying to gain maximum exposure of the Renault F1 relationship.
  • Create fresh content based on Castrol’s needs.
  • Execute against ambitious timings.
  • Create a unique content story and amplify to motorsport enthusiasts and mechanics.
  • Make heroes of engineers and mechanics - portray them and their work as vital to team success.
  • Deliver a pan-European media solution and meet ambitious quality video view KPIs
  • Align Castrol Edge with the best in motoring and motorsport


  • Working closely with the client Immediate created a unique idea for a unique collaboration
  • Immediate recruited Marcello D’Aprile – a 21-year old MEng student at Imperial College, to be the face of the campaign
  • Created unique content, celebrating Castrol’s role with Renault F1 and celebrating mechanics
  • On-brand content included:

    -  A series of ‘Big Read’ native articles

    -  Video content

    -  A three-day race weekend blog

    -  Tailored print content

    -  Huge social Amplification

    -  Pan-European coverage


  • 32% of respondents recall seeing the campaign.
  • The campaign was seen as being a good fit with Top Gear. Respondents also picked up on the key campaign associations around Castrol, F1 and Renault.
  • In particular readers felt that they better understood the benefits of a partnership between Renault and Castrol, as well as displaying the expertise of Castrol engineers.
  • Consideration and Purchase were the two main post-campaign actions, highlighting the value of our audience to performance oil
  • Awareness and favourable perception of Castrol EDGE were boosted significantly by campaign recall.
  • Awareness has increased since our 2015 campaign, indicating that successive waves of activity have improved awareness of the products amongst respondents, while recall is especially important to changing perception of them.
  • Campaign recall was vital in driving recommendation for Castrol products.
  • Nearly 2/3rds of respondents follow F1 ‘Closely’ or ‘Very closely. Campaign recall drove association between Castrol and F1 by 55%.
  • Respondents felt that the Castrol products stood for ‘Quality’ and ‘Performance’. These measures, along with ones specifically relating to motorsport, were all enhanced by campaign recall.