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Bravissimo uses magazine media to build the brand and engage new and existing customers

Campaign shifts perceptions and awareness for bra brand by +50%



Bravissimo wanted to build their brand authority and awareness and get themselves front of mind for purchase consideration.

A multi-media campaign set out to engage new and current customers and help them stand out amongst other brands. The campaign used a combination of magazine media: display advertising, editorial features, competitions, events and newsletter activity to bring Bravissimo to the forefront of consumers’ minds.


The campaign delivered across its objectives, and test and control research among Look, Marie Claire and InStyle readers confirmed the success of the partnership.

  • 64% recalled the campaign (vs. a benchmark of 41%)
  • 84% of those exposed rated the campaign 6+ out of 10
  • 65% found the features informative (vs. a benchmark of 59%)
  • Increase in unprompted brand awareness by +50%
  • The study improved perceptions that “Bravissimo is a modern and relevant brand” from 48% unexposed to 76% exposed (an uplift of +58%)
  • 67% visited/intend to visit the Bravissimo website
  • 72% of those exposed are likely to consider buying a Bravissimo product in the future, compared to 50% unexposed.