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Magazine Media Builds Meaningful Connections Between Brands and Consumers

In a landscape where media decisions are becoming increasingly dominated by algorithms, it’s important not to forget the power of meaningful connections with consumers. Whilst it is very easy to track performance metrics such as video views, likes and clicks, it’s a bigger challenge to understand if your brand has had a long-term impact.

Having a meaningful connection with your consumer is important for brands because it enables you to be more specifically relevant, which in turn helps brands to withstand competition. They help build a more emotional relationship, which has been proven by Les Binet and Peter field to be critical to long term brand performance. Meaningful connections also enable you to cut through and standout, creating a deeper relationship that is enduring.

Magazine environments provide brands with a meaningful connection with their audiences because they deliver:

  1. Relevancy in terms of targeting and context
  2. Emotional resonance for brands
  3. Long-term KPI performance

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