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In Connected Consumers 2 Time Inc. UK takes a fresh look at the impact that various magazine media channels have on the purchase journey.

The study tests whether the classic role that magazines play in inspiring ideas, still remains at the core of performance on new platforms.

Connected Consumers 2 focused on 10 leading titles and showed that, on average, digital channels added a 20% incremental increase to print. The added audience tended to be younger, more affluent, and were decision makers who like to spend.

It also showed that each platform influences across all 4 stages of the purchase journey (Spark, Search, Shop & Share) across key ad categories such as Beauty, Homes, Food & Drink, Technology and Retail. Connected Consumers 2 proves that magazine brands truly affect the purchase journey across every stage.

Key findings:

On average 76% of consumer agreed that magazine media sparked ideas. This was most pronounced for mobile users in the beauty category (88% agreed) and for print users in the home sector (91%) agreed

Magazines emerged as a key research tool with 70% of those interviewed using it for this purpose

On average 73% of consumers stated that magazine media influenced their purchase choice

Mobile was a key driver of content sharing with more than 3 in 4 sharing mobile content in the homes sector, rising to 4 in 5 for beauty 


For more information on the research contact Time Inc. UK Advertising