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Magnetic’s Rules of Attraction study takes a closer look at the role that magazine media plays in consumers’ lives and identifies the key relationship benefits advertisers can leverage to make their campaigns resonate with consumers.

The study interviewed more than 15,000 magazine users over a two-year period and provides a comprehensive overview of their media relationships across different channels.

It included mobile diaries, online surveys, in-depth video, and face-to-face interviews, which highlighted the 28% increase in digital interactions with magazine media year-on-year.

The Rules of Attraction also identifies the six key pillars of magazine media influence.

Key Facts:

  • Immersion: Magazine media is the most immersive medium providing consumers with moments of escapism. In a world of multi-screening and multi-tasking it provides an oasis for engagement as only 5% conduct other activities while consuming magazine
  • Inspiration: With its highly relevant content that taps into the consumer’s own passions and interests, magazine media is unmatched in its ability to drive inspiration with 87% agreeing that the content gives them ideas and inspiration
  • Belonging: Magazine media is more than a content choice, it’s a way for consumer to express who they are with 51% agreeing that their choice of magazines says a lot about the type of person they are
  • Stature: Magazine media deliver high quality, relevant content in a trusted environment giving them unparalleled stature. Magazine media commands the highest level of trust of all media with 98% of those interviewed giving it a medium to high trust score
  • Growth: Magazine media is reaching more people via more platforms and growing rapidly. The number of consumer interacting daily with magazine media has increased by 83% in the last year where measurement is available for all platforms 
  • Influence: The influence of magazine media is growing, and it offers one of the most welcoming advertising environments with 9 in 10 agreeing that they look at the advertising, and nearly 50% acting as brand ambassadors by sharing advertising with friends and family