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Misplaced media spend in a booming identity economy: a brand opportunity. New research from Enders Analysis in partnership with Magnetic.

Most UK consumer spending, and the vast majority of its growth, is in categories which reflect who we are and where we feel we belong: lifestyle signifiers, passions, and social activities.

Communities are at the heart of this growing economy, but ad spend on media which visibly targets us as members of a group in a relevant context has on average lagged behind in these categories.

Advertisers recognising the power of emotionally and culturally relevant context in media, sponsorships or events, are finding an opportunity for building brands for the identity economy.

*This research was presented at Spark 2018 by Douglas McCabe, Enders Analysis. The write up from the day can be found here - for more information please get in touch at insight@magnetic.media

Worth a read: Study: advertisers lose out by ignoring "identity-based marketing" (Passion Pound write-up in Mediatel)