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Passion Points: Day Trippers

With the summer holidays in full swing, it can be hard to think of new ideas to entertain the family. Since Britain voted to leave the EU, a holiday in a Eurozone country will also cost a family of four £245 more now than it would have done before, so it’s not surprising that people are choosing to stay in the UK this summer.

Super Day Trippers

In 2015 GB residents took over 1.3 billion day trips to destinations in England Scotland or Wales, but with so many attractions to choose from across the country it can be hard to decide where to go.

Magazine media provides the perfect environment to provide inspiration for readers, with expertly crafted original content tailored to their interests. The latest ABC figures indicate that combined average circulation for leisure interest titles is over 4.6 million. And it’s not just in print that people look for this inspiration, total unique visitors to TimeOut.com has grown 9% in the last 12 months, proving that demand for these trusted editorial content environments is growing. 

Looking at those who have visited places such as theme parks, galleries, museums and historical attractions in the last 12 months we identified two groups: ‘Day Trippers’ and ‘Super Day Trippers’. When reviewing the media consumption of both groups, magazine media is their number two media choice, with cinema taking the top spot. ‘Day Trippers’ are 26% more likely to consume magazine media that the average adult increasing to 55% for ‘Super Day Trippers’. 

Day Trippers show a high affinity for a range of lifestyle and leisure titles including The National Trust Magazine, Livingetc and T3, highlighting the importance of broader consideration for brands beyond travel titles. Unsurprisingly all Day Trippers over index against Time Out magazine, also showing this title is the home for those wanting to be inspired when looking for a leisure recommendation.

This activity-seeking group can provide opportunities for brands across sectors, with ‘Day Trippers’ being 28% more likely to own wearable technology, increasing to 72% for ‘Super Day Trippers’. ’Day Trippers’ are also 82% more likely to have spent £200 or more on their camera, increasing to 154% for ‘Super Day Trippers’.

Audiences naturally gravitate towards magazine media that focus on their particular passion and give them inspiration, so if you are a brand wanting to achieve stand-out in the market, a magazine media  environment can increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

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