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The ultimate benchmark of success for any advertising campaign, is whether it can change the way consumers think about a product or brand or whether it can ultimately drive sufficient increase in sales to provide a positive return on investment.

Here we look at work done by Mindshare and the PPA which sets out first the role that magazines play in bringing consumers closer to brands and then moves on to present ways in which this can be accurately measured from an ROI perspective.

We further draw on work done by the Meredith Corporation to understand performance within different categories and include work from Magazine Audience Performance Predictor in Australia for insight into how magazines perform in combination with other channels.

Key Findings:

  • Magazines drive consumer bonding which is a key driver to product purchase.
  • Heavy magazine investment results in a 72% higher bonding score relative to light investment.
  • Of the 77 campaigns analysed, magazines showed the highest ROI of all media channels.
  • Meredith Corporation found that for all the studies they conducted between 2009 and 2014, magazines showed an average ROI of £7.45 for every marketing dollar spent.
  • Magazines provide a bigger uplift to TV ROI than any other medium.

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