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A study from Dennis Publishing paints a dynamic new picture of modern man, what it terms - the Alta-male

If you are faced with a brief whose target audience is young men, there was a time when you would have turned to the lads mag phenomena of Nuts, Zoo and FHM.

The demise of this culture is well documented in marketing and consumer media, less clear however is what has stepped in to take its place. A new study from Dennis Publishing confirms that men are defying these now tired stereotypes. It paints a dynamic new picture of modern man, what it terms - the Alta male. This is not a one size fits all label, instead men are seen as defining identities for themselves from the plethora of infinite possibilities that digital society provides. Key themes that emerged from the research were how men were now more focused on achieving balance, being authentic and committing to small changes.

It’s this array of identities that magazine media has always been well equipped to cater for, and the rise in fortunes of the following specialist titles is testament to this - Digital Photo print readership grew +6% YOY, Empire print and mobile readership grew +8%, and Rugby World print readership was up a massive +17%. This demonstrates that publishers are very connected to the evolving male market and recognise that modern man is best catered for via their deep interests and passions rather than a more generalised broadbrush strategy.

It’s clear that many brands recognise this shift too. The latest campaign from Fairy features a dad for the first time, and the evolution of the Lynx brand with its ‘Men in Progress’ campaign is a clear articulation of the changing nature of what it means to be a man today.

Publishers benefit from a wide array of resources for their audience insight. As well as a commitment to studies like these, data has very much become their business. This enables publishers to deliver highly relevant and sought after content and the benefit for brands is a high engagement environment for their messages.

Magazines are home to valuable audiences for clients. Valuable because they offer highly engaged communities of interest, and because the depth of knowledge amongst publishers is unrivalled.

For more information on Coach’s Alta Male insight, contact seema_hope@dennis.co.uk or Liz_Jazayeri @dennis.co.uk