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We take a look at 'Super Christmas Shoppers' and their spending habits.

As the festive period approaches retailers and consumers have been turning their heads to the biggest spending period of the year. Although brands will have been planning since the summer, for most it is just the beginning of the season, but no matter how long you’ve been planning (or not!), magazine media can provide the inspiration and expertise consumers need to make Christmas great.

In this month’s Data Bytes we have taken a look at ‘The Christmas Shopper’ using TGI data. Firstly, we identified ‘The Christmas Planner’ - those who start planning their present purchasing before October - they really do exist! This group is 25% more likely to consume magazine media than the average adult, more likely than any other media. However, those who plan their Christmas purchasing closer to ‘the big day’ are less likely to consume media in general but show the highest affinity to the internet.

John Lewis Christmas

We then looked closer at this group of forward planners and identified a group of ‘Super Christmas Shoppers’ who not only plan before October, but have more than 15 presents to buy, and will spend more than £500 on their Christmas present shopping. This group is 33% more likely than the average adult to consume magazine media and 42% more likely to find adverts in magazine media the most useful in helping make a purchase decision, more likely than any other media.

Also, ‘Super Christmas Shoppers’ may not only be focused on present shopping, but might also be looking to update their home in time for the big day. This group is 20% more likely to intend to buy a television than the average adult. Magazine media can provide consumers with expertise and the trusted voice they need to make an informed decision concerning big purchases.

online christmas shopping

‘Super Christmas Shoppers’ are 63% more likely than the average to make a purchase online once a week or more, illustrating that printed magazines are not the only place to target this group. Our latest study Metrics That Matter revealed that campaigns that use both print and digital magazine assets are 54% more impactful on brand KPIs than campaigns that used print alone.

As part of the study, we also compared magazine brands online with other digital environments and found that magazine brands online are 41% more impactful on brand KPIs than other environments such as YouTube, news sites, and portals. Digital analytics company Moat also conducted some analysis and compared their benchmark scores to the norms for all Moat subscribers and a basket of five of our publishers. They found that the interaction rate was more than 18% higher for magazine brands online when compared with other digital environments, and that interaction time was 30% higher.

In terms of brand KPIs, magazine media’s strength lies in driving perceptions of relevancy - feeling that the brand or product is for people like you/ suits your life, and quality - it is good, has good features or parts,  things about it are good/ high standard. Metrics That Matter demonstrates the strength of magazine media in providing a quality environment for brands and relevant content that inspires the reader. 

So if you are a brand wanting to achieve stand-out in the noise and chaos of Christmas, a magazine media environment can increase the effectiveness of your campaign by targeting the consumers with the biggest spending power.


And it is not only present shopping and big purchases where magazine media can provide inspiration. The Christmas issue of food magazines such as Olive and BBC Good Food are often the biggest issues of the year and can provide readers with ideas from a trusted source to make their Christmas day extra special. In a previous Data Bytes we explored The Foodie and their affinity to magazine media, demonstrating the value of highly specialised, quality content that feeds consumer passions and delivers effective results for brands.

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