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Cosmopolitan brings Very’s fashion credentials to life

Cosmopolitan brings Very’s fashion credentials to life

The Challenge

Very were looking to position themselves as cutting-edge in the field of fashion. Having launched the #VeryonTrendCollective (their own panel of emerging and influential fashion talent) in 2014, Very wanted to take the campaign a step further and create fame for this exciting initiative.

The Idea

Cosmopolitan provided the perfect vehicle for a brand looking to align themselves with top quality fashion content, as well as carefully selected fashion, music and beauty influencers who represent authentic and respected voices within their areas of expertise. Cosmopolitan provided the perfect vehicle for Very to raise advocacy and credibility of the brand.

A 16-page native pull-out print execution formed the centre-point of the campaign. Expertly curated and endorsed by the Collective, it showcased edits of the hottest trends of the season, helping to build the brand as the authority on the biggest emerging styles in women’s fashion.

A key part of the campaign utilised Cosmopolitan’s Snapchat Discover channel. Cosmopolitan developed a mini-magazine experience everyday on the Snapchat app and became the exclusive channel partner over a three-day period of the campaign.

The Results

By developing snackable must-see content for those who want to be in-the-know, this dynamic social campaign drove the brand story by instigating conversations around the #VeryonTrendCollective, helping to bolster Very’s fashion credentials.