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Stylist partner Nissan for the launch of the new Juke Envy

  • Date:

    28 June 2018

Stylist partner Nissan for the launch of the new Juke Envy

SHORTLISTED – Magnetic Spotlight Awards 2018 for Best Branded Content
and Best Multi-Platform Delivery

The Challenge

A new, stylish version of the well-established Nissan Juke was launched, the Nissan Juke Envy. Nissan needed to play on the new stylish cues to help it stand out against competitors and create a buzz and excitement around the new model.

The aim of the campaign was to focus on the appearance of Juke in design/style conscious areas and enrich Juke’s story with engaging interaction playing on the word ‘envy’ within the communication. With the two key objectives of engagement and enrichment, Nissan needed a platform to align with the audience’s key passions and attitudes towards style and bring to life quality, enriching story of the envy product.

The Idea

Using the insight from Indicia and TGI, the target audience for the Juke was found to be female bias with mid-high income, interested in fashion, have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 89% of Juke buyers said the car’s appearance was the primary reason for their purchase. 

The analysis showed that this audience is 86% more likely than the population as a whole to want others to look at them. It’s more than just having the right style or look. It’s about being seen in the right clothes, seen in the right place, seen in the right car.

Nissan and their media agency, MGOMD, set upon a seven month partnership with Stylist. Stylist’s multi-platform approach provided the right environment, along with the scale and engagement to provide Juke with a strong presence across the core female audience.

The Stylist woman strives to be the best she can be, whether that’s in her career, the way she looks or the car she drives.

Recognising how concerned the target audience are with capturing the attention of others, Stylist needed to position Juke Envy as the must-have car. If you want to look good and be better, you need to know those ‘Moments of Envy’.

Moments of Envy came to life through a content series using inspirational partnership talent to understand how envy has been a powerful motivator in their own lives and what advice they would offer to readers that are envious of them. This led to a series of partnership talent interview videos exploring moments of envy in the lives of influencers and how this drove their behaviour. Stylist’s feature director quizzed the influencers on the role envy played in motivating them and how they would advise others to harness that emotion.

The videos were shot in the Nissan Juke Envy in a ‘car-pool’ karaoke style video. This showcased the style of the car – the feature that means the most to the Stylist readers. 

The interviews were translated into a series of eight print and online advertorials to support the programme and distributed across Stylist’s social channels as well as the influencer’s own social channels to extend the reach. 

In print, Stylist used non-commercial space for editorial integration for deeper engagement taking advantage of popular franchises in the magazine such as the ‘The Style List’, ‘The Editor’s Letter’ and ‘Scoop Story.’ 

The Nissan Juke featured at Stylist Live with interactive points where attendees could engage with the Nissan Juke Envy stand. ‘Lip-makeovers’ were offered to align with the sleek red highlights of the car style and apply this to a beauty-conscious audience. Visitors were invited to share photos of themselves with the car and their lip-makeover to win a fashion Envy gift card, with 141 entries online using the #envysessions #juke hashtags on the weekend.

Branding was paraded throughout the VIP area at the event, including naming rights transforming the area into ‘The Envy Suite’ offering attendees exclusive experiences such as nail appointments, blow drys, and exclusive food and drink offerings.

The Results

  • A total of 2,542,025 video views across the partnership were achieved, an over-delivery of 15% against the target
  • A dwell time of 2.19 minutes on the Stylist hub, over-delivering by 56% on average dwell time on Stylist’s commercial content (against 1min 40sec benchmark)
  • 69,993 unique visitors to the online hub, over-delivering by 39% against the 50,000 uniques target
  • The VIP Envy Suite sold out of its 1,700 tickets, an increase in 1,000 visitors on the previous year
  • Quality visits (QV) to the Nissan Juke Envy site (how Nissan measure the success of their campaigns, counted when someone watches a video) scrolls
  • A visitor number of 7,716 QV from Stylist’s site to the Nissan Juke Envy product page, over-delivering on the target of 5,000 by 54%