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Kellogg’s Special K builds year-long relationship with magazine readers

Kellogg’s Special K builds year-long relationship with magazine readers

Kellogg’s Special K prepares to shine with Glamour magazine campaign

The Challenge

Despite strong shape management credentials, research indicated that Special K lacked an emotional connection with consumers.

A campaign was needed to move on from the brand’s ‘quick fix diet’ perception and to reassure women that Special K could contribute to them feeling good and looking great, every day.

The Idea

The Special K brand created a year-long partnership with Glamour magazine around its “prepare to shine” proposition, reaching more than half a million readers each month.

This partnership delivered tailor-made content, driving perception of Special K as a lifestyle-led, iconic female brand. It supported shape watchers’ belief that a healthy lifestyle is about small, simple steps. 

Two seasonal guides ran at New Year and in the summer. These eight-page guides increased brand standout and featured ‘Special K Girl’ who articulated her plans for the season, motivating readers and inspiring them to get into shape.

These were complemented with regular editorial-led DPS insertions and online features, all with joint Glamour and Special K branding.

Additionally, the brand was able to distribute Special K samples at Glamour events across the year and run product trials with the magazine’s readers, generating strong reader endorsements to re-use.

Extending the relationship further, Special K was able to use the Glamour logo on its packaging, on Special K’s own website and in its television advertising campaign. 

The Results

  • For the summer campaign, the Glamour partnership drove the strongest return on investment of all media channels employed – 16% better than television and 42% better than average ROI across all media
  • A bespoke study of 2,500 respondents showed the campaign really influenced action: 69% said they had bought the product after seeing it in Glamour
  • It changed attitudes too: more than eight in ten respondents agreed the partnership made them feel more positive about Special K
  • Over the year, the audience became 198% more likely to state ‘it inspires me to get in shape and is fun’ and 174% more likely to agree, ‘Special K is a brand that understands me’