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  • Date:

    17 May 2023

Fibre One

The Challenge

In 2021 the healthy snack market was more in demand than ever before. From plant crisps to sugar free cakes – the options were limitless. Fibre One were the UK’s #3 snack bar brand, but in a saturated market (pardon the pun) they needed to stand out to grow their audience and consolidate consumer loyalty. To do so they launched “Crave Club”, marketing themselves as the go-to snack for busy women on the go, who eat healthily whilst still enjoying life. Running across TV and social, it was their biggest campaign to date. But the aim was not only to increase exposure and grow their audience, in the words of the brands’ Marketing Manager Roisin Witort, they were also set on “build[ing] the largest, loudest, and most engaged audience of snack bar consumers in the world – [to] earn their long-term loyalty.” For this they needed a trusted partner, with a loyal following – the Grazia team were just the people for the job.

The Idea

Sharing an almost identical target audience, Fibre One and Grazia were a match made in heaven. Like the Fibre One consumer, the Grazia woman strived for a balanced lifestyle, looking to the magazine for inspiration to help her live happier and healthier. Research also uncovered that 76% of the Grazia audience saw mental and physical health as something they were actively working towards in their daily lives and 60% agreed they were looking to eat healthier. To help Fibre One bars fly off the shelves and into the hands of the Grazia woman, the team positioned Fibre One bars as the go-to accessory of the season, an item no woman should be without. Bauer and Mindshare created a 360 immersive campaign across the magazine, digital and audio channels, and even a live event.

To ingrain the bars into the hearts and purses of the nation, the brand became the sole sponsor of the Grazia Life Advice Podcast, which included a star-studded line-up of guests. The brand also collaborated on branded content articles, stylish editorial photoshoots and live events, to continually build connection between shoppers and the brand.


As sole sponsor of the Grazia Life Advice Podcast, over 34 weeks, Bauer created fun, engaging weekly messaging around wellbeing and health, to raise awareness and drive trial of Fibre One by the loyal Grazia listener. Episodes featured aspirational and trusted female celebrities that the audience wanted to hear from. This enabled Grazia to target the audience when they were feeling motivated and inspired, through live reads and ads before and during the episodes. Tailored messaging throughout the campaign made sure it was always relevant and relatable e.g. summer health or winter wellness tips. Building upon the wider ‘Crave Club’ campaign Bauer integrated the Fibre One brand further by inviting Fibre One’s brand ambassadors onto the podcast as guests, to delve deeper into their story. They also incorporated Octave Audio, Bauer’s data led digital solution, to target key audiences, ensuring absolutely no wastage.

Live Event

To create and engage the Grazia X Fibre One ‘Crave Club’ community further, Bauer created a brand new event with Fibre One; Make 2022 Count. A virtual week of events helped their audience kickstart 2022 and celebrate different ways to feel good in the New Year, thanks to the Fibre One Snack brand.

Speaking to nutritionists, fitness influencers, mental health experts and more, Mindshare and Bauer created live virtual events and talks, to inspire, entertain and bring positivity to the Grazia audience to embrace all aspects of their lives. During the New Year, at a time of reflection and forming new habits, we incorporated Fibre One messaging, placing them at the heart of the events, ensuring they were front of mind.

Everything was supported by online articles and social amplification across all of Grazia’s channels and display ads, to drive our audience to physically listen to the podcast and also to stores to purchase.


  • A superb 92% of recallers liked the campaign, which drove a significant increase in spontaneous brand awareness and action
  • Over 4 in 5 recallers were more likely to buy Fibre One after seeing the campaign
  • With 83% taking some kind of action having seen the campaign
  • Most impressively 42% actually bought a Fibre One product after seeing the campaign