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Mediatel event: The evolving business of magazine media – a vision for 2020

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On November 10, Mediatel hosted a morning event in association with Magnetic, we took a closer look at the evolving magazine media industry. A lineup of influential senior figures from both publishing and agencies debated how the industry is adapting to a digital future, the changing nature of its business models, and the enduring influence of professionally edited, original content.

Pictures from the day can be viewed here and Mediatel Newsline articles from the day can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

The running order from the day is below:

9.30 - Introduction - Derek Jones and Sue Todd

9.35 - Interview – Mediatel Newsline editor, David Pidgeon, with Jan Gooding of Aviva on the topical themes of transparency and the value of content.

9.50 - Editor’s Interview – Former BBC Media Correspondent,Torin Douglas, talks to the editor of Esquire, Alex Bilmes.

10.05 - Panel One: The Current State of Play

The relationship between marketing brands and magazine brands:

Marcus Rich, Time Inc

Duncan Tickell, Immediate

Kerin O’Connor, The Week

  • Are magazine brands still essential for marketing brands?
  • How can magazine publishing best quantify the ROI they offer advertisers in this more data driven world?
  • How does print and digital best work together?
  • Editors or algorithms - how much does human connection as opposed to just clicks, matter to brands?
  • Growing the brands - does every great magazine brand create a  great event opportunity; are publishers slow to grab e-commerce opportunities?

11.00 - Coffee break

11.20 - Editor’s Interview – Former BBC Media Correspondent, Torin Douglas, talks to the editor of Empire, Terri White.

11.35 - Panel Two: 2020 Vision

Strategies and challenges:

Steve Ackerman, Somethin’ Else

Hannah Rouch, Bauer

Jane Wolfson, Hearst

  • Does branded content offer the best route for developing deeper partnership relationships with clients?
  • Distribution strategies – are customers still going to be prepared to pay?
  • Will video replace print as Facebook claim?
  • Are marketing partnerships that go beyond the page to events and other channels the way forward?

12.25 - Closing Comments – Derek Jones



Marcus Rich

Time Inc. UK

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Dominic Mills

Media Commentator

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Kerin O'Connor

The Week

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Duncan Tickell

Immediate Media

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Terri White


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Verra Budimlija


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Sue Todd


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Alex Bilmes


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Jane Wolfson

Hearst UK

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David Pidgeon

Mediatel Newsline

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Torin Douglas

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Jan Gooding


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